Building Blocks – Intercession

REFLECTION: remembering the main points

  • Together with Zerubbabel and Ezra, Nehemiah contributes to restoring Jerusalem from ruin and ridicule
  • Nehemiah seemed to be an intercessor: standing in the gap (in prayer) between people and God
  • 4 factors seemed to motivate and inspire his intercession: His identity as a Jew, his intensity in feeling the pain of destruction and his intimacy with God

DISCUSSION: choose one or more questions

  • As you watched the unfolding drama in Paris – what did you think/feel?
  • How does Nehemiah’s context compare to your/our context today?
  • If you would have been Nehemiah – what would you have been tempted
    to do/not do?
  • Do you sense a call of God in your location and vocation?
  • Is crying the only way to demonstrate the effect of intense spiritual heartbreak?
  • What tools/tips can help us grow in our intimacy with God?

APPLICATION: ideas that work

  • What could be identifies as ‘ruins’ in our local communities?
  • Will determine to live as intercessors for those ruins? What will that mean for the LG – long term, not just as a one off?

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