Deja Vu

Think: remembering the main points
• Déjà vu – 1 Samuel 26
• Don’t take moral shortcuts: 7-11
• Don’t treat people as God: 12-16

Talk: questions that stimulate application
• Although it goes against the saying – what words have ‘broken your bones’?
• What are the available options of dealing with criticism and conflict?
• Can you think of possible moral shortcuts as revenge to those who hurt us?
• Does not executing revenge mean that we should become silent victims?
• Why did David react as he did – vertical & horizontal factors?
• How can Jesus’ reactions inspire & empower me too?

Task: actions speak louder than words
• Read together (discussion leaders – you might want to print this out beforehand) Colossians 3:12-15 and discuss how you can apply this in your own small group context.
• Take some time to read quietly and individually Psalm 54 and thinking of your own life, taking time let go of the hurts and ask God to heal the hurts and wounds inflicted by others.

PDF file for print – Deja Vu

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