Think: remembering the main points

· Aaron – what Meekness isn’t (Weakness)

· Miriam – the opposite of Meekness (Pride)

· Moses – what Meekness is (Strength in Submission)

· Our Greater Moses (Jesus) – How we become Meek

Talk: questions that stimulate application

• What comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘Meek’?

AARON (Meekness is not weakness)

Bible Scholars show evidence to suggest that Mirjam was the ring leader and Aaron the follower in their rebellion against Moses (this is why Mirjam was judged and not Aaron). Like in Exodus 32 Aaron showed that he was a weak man who was easily led into sin.

• What evidence in the Bible is there to suggest that meekness is not weakness?

• What sorts of things might we need to say no to as Christians? (Titus 2:12)

• Consider Paul’s encouragement to Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:7

MIRIAM (The opposite of meekness is pride)

The real issue in v1-2 seems to be Miriam’s pride rather than Moses’ wife. She seemed to speak against Moses because she was envious of the position he had.

• What is pride? You may want to think of examples or consider the following quotes; “Pride, is the ruthless, sleepless, unsmiling concentration upon self” (C.S. Lewis) or put more simply “pride is absorption in self” (Tim Keller)

• What did Miriam’s pride blind her from?

• Miriam used the issue with Moses’ wife as a smokescreen for her pride. What are ways that we can mask our pride?

MOSES (What meekness is)

Bible dictionaries give the following definitions for meekness: “power under control” “strength in submission” “gentleness”. The main word used in the Bible for Meekness was used of a wild animal that had been tamed and was submissive to its master. This can only happen when we are not absorbed in ourselves.

• In v7 it says that Moses was “faithful in all God’s house”, what do you think that means?

• How did Moses respond to Mirjam and Aaron? How can we respond with gentleness to people who speak against us?

JESUS Our Greater Moses (How we become Meek)

Why is it ineffective to work on pride/becoming meek directly (ourselves)?

• How can encountering what Jesus did for us cause our hearts to turn from themselves?

• What does it mean that meekness is in the “fruit of the Spirit”?


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